Science-based Life Coaching

by Bo Bennett, PhD

Disclaimer: I hold a doctorate in social psychology, and while my coaching is science-based, I am not a mental health professional. My coaching is focused on both achievement and increasing one's level of well-being from "average" (non-pathological) to the upper limits of what is capable of experiencing.

Do you need an occasional nudge? Someone to hold you accountable for getting things done? Someone to keep you inspired? Someone to help plan out your life or business? I am currently accepting a few more clients for one-on-one science- and research-based life coaching, so I ask you to please consider me for that role!

As a former self-help guru and current scientist in the field of human behavior, I know the difference between empty motivational platitudes and true inspiration. I won't attempt to sell you on some nebulous concept of "happiness;" but I will help you achieve something of much greater importance and something that is measurable: increased well-being. I am not going to pump you up with delusions of grandeur only to later blame you for your failures by claiming "you didn't want it badly enough." What I will do, is help you discover for yourself what you are capable of achieving while providing you with ongoing inspiration and by holding you accountable for the direction of your own life. I will do all of this within using proven principles and strategies within the fields of cognitive, social, and positive psychology.

My coaching method follows the "PERMA" model of well-being in positive psychology where we focus on one or more of the five aspects of well-being, depending on what you want from your coaching sessions. These aspects include:

Positive Emotion - what is generally considered as "happiness"
Engagement - loving what you do and getting lost in your life's work/hobby
Relationships - building strong relationships in life
Meaning / Purpose - creating your meaning in life, discovering your purpose
Achievement - getting things done, success, wealth, etc. (this can also include business consulting)

Ready to get started? Click here to schedule a free 15-minute introductory session. My coaching rate is $250/hour long session. You can purchase one session or many.

I look forward to working with you!

About Your Coach

Bo Bennett, PhD. By age 10, Bo started listening to and reading personal development tapes and books. Over the years, he has developed a science-based approach to success that differs quite a bit from the over-hyped success guru's approaches commonly seen today. Before beginning his lifelong quest to shape the lives of others, he had to prove to himself that his theories, beliefs, and convictions worked.

At age 10, Bo started in business by creating and selling wooden key racks in his father's workshop. Since then, he has started several companies and sold them anywhere from $1 to $20,000,000.00.

After selling his first company of significant value, Bo began writing Year To Success, the most comprehensive book ever written on success, based on his experiences, thoughts, and timeless success principles.

In the last nine years, Bo started several business, wrote and published seven books including his memoirs, earned a master’s degree in generally psychology, earned a PhD in social psychology, lost 30 pounds (and kept it off), vacationed in over a dozen countries, accepted a teaching position at a local college, spent a lot of quality time with my wife and kids, and is currently crossing off the last item on his bucket list—writing a screenplay.

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