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Learn How You Can Use Guided Achievement By Experiencing It!
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  • Possible Use #736

    ...the human resources managers wanting to help new employees complete all the necessary paperwork for employment

  • Possible Use #322

    ...the real estate agent helping a client find and purchase the perfect home

  • Possible Use #987

    ...the college administrator guiding incoming students through the process from enrollment to moving in.

  • Possible Use #143

    ...the life coach guiding clients to their goal achievement.

  • Possible Use #857

    ...the support specialist guiding new clients through the process of setting up their accounts.

  • Possible Use #801

    ...the career coach helping clients to choose a career and land their first job.

  • Possible Use #436

    ...the financial advisor helping their clients invest their money.


Guided Achievement is an interactive collaboration tool that uses detailed, multimedia instructions to help participants achieve a single goal through one or more objectives, guided by a human facilitator.

The facilitator can be an administrator, coach, support specialist, business owner, advisor, mentor, guide, trainer, consultant, or anyone wanting to do all he or she can to help one or more participant get something done.

Learn How You Can Use Guided Achievement By Experiencing It!

Participate in the goal "Design and Create Your Goal" and experience how an otherwise complex process can be made clear. In addition, see for yourself if this becomes just another great idea that "falls through the cracks," or because of the two-way interactive process, you find yourself on top of this goal. Just enter your name and e-mail address above to get started.

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